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How to Prepare Your Property for Your New Tenants

How to Prepare Your Property for Your New Tenants

Are you a landlord in the transitional period between leases? Have your previous tenants moved out and now you’re preparing the property for the next tenant? 

Here is a list of items to help guide you through a smooth transition and welcome your new tenants on a positive note. 

1. Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Before your new tenants move in, conduct a detailed inspection of the property. Now is a great time to conduct necessary repairs and maintain the longevity of your rental property as it will be turning over to a new set of tenants. It is easier to spot any potential issues when the property is fully vacant, opposed to when the property is filled with furniture and belongings. 

Check for any damages or maintenance issues that need attention such as, plumping and electrical issues, any structural damage that may be a hazard to the new tenants such as chip flooring or cracked ceilings. Be on the lookout for signs of pests or insects during your inspection learning about when and how to conduct an effective general inspection of your rental property. 

2. Perform Necessary Repairs and Maintenance

After your inspection, conduct any repairs or maintenance that is required. Key areas to focus on include:

  • Plumbing: Fix leaks, unclog drains, and ensure all fixtures are operational.
  • Electrical: Replace faulty outlets, replace or fix broken lights.
  • Appliances: Ensure all appliances are working efficiently and repair or replace them as needed.
  • General repairs: Patch up holes in walls, repair any doors, and replace worn-out flooring.

After all maintenance work is completed, make sure to document the property’s condition with photos or videos to have a reference point for future inspections. We highly recommend to also do this with your new tenants during the move-in inspection and key exchange. That way, both parties are on the same page of the condition of the property at the beginning of the new tenants lease. 

3. Deep Clean the Property

Consider hiring professional cleaners to do the deep clean to ensure a thorough job. This will set a  high standard of what you would expect the property to look like when they eventually turn over the property to you. This will also set the tone of encouragement for the tenants to upkeep the property as best as they can. 

We suggest to consider adding fresh paint to the property. This goes a very long way to brightening up the space as walls can be very easily marked and can leave a dirty look to the space.

4. Change Locks and Update Security

For safety and peace of mind, change the locks on all doors and ensure security systems are up-to-date. Landlords should hire a locksmith to ensure a proper job is done. If any keypads are used, ensure to change the security codes. 

Don’t forget other locked spaces such as detached garages and sheds. Your new tenants will very much appreciate the extra attention and security. 

5. Ensure Compliance with Legal Requirements

Ensure your property complies with all local laws and regulations. Stay updated on local rental laws to avoid any legal issues and ensure your property is compliant. Most importantly, landlords should ensure they have an active fire and safety certification. In Ontario, the fire and safety code requires each residential property to be tested annually. 

8. Property Management Protocol Procedure 

Clear communication helps prevent misunderstandings. Provide your new tenants with information on how they can communicate any repair or maintenance request to you or your property manager. It’s good to always be in reach when the tenants need support, good communication calls for a healthy relationship. 

When preparing for a new tenancy, this would be a great time to explore your options on hiring a property manager if you don’t have one already. There are many advantages to hiring support with your rental property and tenants. If you are in libbo on weather or not property management would be best suited for you, read our blog about the advantages hiring a property management company can offer you.

Properly preparing your property for new tenants sets the stage for a successful rental experience for all. By following these steps, you’ll not only create a welcoming environment but also help maintain the value of your property and foster a positive landlord-tenant relationship. 

If you or a landlord you know require any assistance with preparing or managing their property, feel free to reach out to us today!